What We Do.

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What We Do.
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Business Analysis

Before you spend big money, it’s best to see if what you’re proposing is feasible. We specialise in producing highly detailed Feasibility Studies, with subject research, market analysis, saleability and sustainability – including accurate costings and projected cashflows. A good feasibility study is essential when seeking funding for any new project and we will deliver that for you. We have carried out studies for small community-led developments and for multi-million local authority projects.  And these projects have a very high rate of success (90%+) in subsequently securing the funds required to realise their vision. We’re good at this stuff.


There is a steady appetite for quality production of historical or archaeological themes whether that be TV, radio or film. We can provide expert advice on all aspects of Ireland’s past, including clear, concise advice on costumes, food, lifestyle, subsistence, social and political structures. We can source commentators, experienced reproduction specialists and re-enactors.  We can also arrange archaeological oversight for filming on protected sites.  Whatever aspect of Ireland’s past you are interested in, we can guide you through all the pitfalls. If you are thinking about doing something in this area you need to talk to us first.

Visitor Experience

It’s all about the story and how you tell it.  We’ll do the research, make sure of accuracy, then we’ll find your unique selling point and develop an equally unique visitor experience around that.  At the top end of the scale, this could be a whole new visitor experience catering for a hundred thousand visitors or more, with augmented and virtual reality and knock-you-dead audio-visual.  Or it could be as simple as some really engaging information panels, interactives or audio-points, or a guided tour – indoors or out.  Whatever it is you need, you get our full attention - and you get us, not someone we have subcontracted to.

Project Management

With over 30 years’ experience working in both the public and private sectors, we’ve learnt a thing or two about both project management and facilitation.  We’ve managed major capital investment projects and brought them to conclusion, on time and within budget. We’re well used to working in, and managing, multi-disciplinary teams. We also bring extensive experience in facilitation and negotiation, both a local and sectoral level, and national/EU level.