Our Team

Crane Bag were one of the very first specialist heritage consultancies in the country and have been serving the heritage sector in Ireland since 2007.  In that time, we have built close relationships with a number of other specialist providers that we like and trust – notably Mirador Media, one of the leading visitor experience designers in Ireland. Most of our work in this area is now undertaken in partnership with Mirador. See www.miradormedia.ie

Dr Ronan O’Flaherty

Ronan is a graduate of UCD with a PhD in Archaeology and research interests in Irish history and folklore. He is a former CEO of the Discovery Programme (the state archaeological research institute) and has held senior positions in a number of Government Departments. Ronan is an experienced researcher, content-writer, and conceptualiser who has guided the development of major heritage projects and visitor attractions across Ireland.

Niamh O’Flaherty

Niamh studied languages and linguistics at DCU and UCD. Educated through Irish, she is interested in the role of language and communication in defining heritage. Her business background lies in operations, financial control and environmental legislation, managing significant portfolios in various Government Departments. Niamh provides project management, facilitation, business oversight and specialist inputs.

Marc Roosli (Mirador Media)

Marc is the Managing Director of Mirador Media, a driven and focused multilingual with over 25 years international business experience and an award-winning creative portfolio. Marc is highly resourceful and imaginative which, coupled with a solid technical background, makes him a strong problem solver & excellent communicator. Mirador Media creates informative and exciting experiences that enthral more than 1.5 million visitors of all ages and backgrounds each year. www.miradormedia.ie

Mook Vignes (Mirador Media)

Mook is Creative Director at Mirador Media with over fifteen years’ experience in the audio-visual field. Originally trained in graphic design Rupert’s skills have transferred to video, sound and handson production. With a first-class honours degree in visual communication, his strengths lie in an ability to interpret information simply and effectively for any audience. www.miradormedia.ie

Michael Young (Vision Safety)

Michael is Managing Director of Vision Safety Consultants. He is a highly experienced event controller with 20 years’ experience controlling large scale events, including the Special Olympics and Longitude. Michael holds an MSc in Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare and has 10 years’ experience in developing and delivering interactive on-line induction and on-boarding solutions for medium to large scale organisations. Michael has worked with us on many projects, providing expert safety advice for new builds, visitor-flows and film productions.

Alan Lauder
(Alan Lauder Consulting)

Alan Lauder is an ornithologist, ecologist, conservation & land management specialist and has worked in state and NGO conservation organisations across the UK and Ireland since 1986. Alan, along with a team of staff and associates, provides project and advice services across Ireland, the UK and internationally. We worked with Alan on the White Tailed Sea Eagle project in Clare and on a number of other natural heritage projects. www.alanlauderconsulting.com

Dr Yvonne Byrne
(Yvonne Byrne Consultancy)

Yvonne provides specialist rural development advice to community groups, local authorities and private businesses. Areas of expertise include the preparation of funding applications, business plans, development plans for rural, sustainable and environmental initiatives, and the formulation of strategic plans. We have worked with Yvonne on lots of projects, including Mount Congreve Gardens, Tintern Abbey and asset development at Kilmore Quay. www.yvonnebyrneconsultancy.ie

Tony Ennis (Ennis &Co)

Tony Ennis is principal of Ennis & Co. Business Consultants, offering business advice to a wide and varied range of clients since 1988 in sector such as tourism, consumer products, e-Commerce, direct marketing and many others. We have worked with Tony on lots of projects, including a destination tourism plan for North Wexford, asset development at Kilmore Quay, and the development of a multi-million euro visitor attraction at Hook Lighthouse (underway). www.ennisco.ie